Fuel monitoring: Reducing fleet cost with RACSO

The costs related to fuel consumption can constitute a large part of fleet operating expenses. With the recent increase in fuel prices, it is without doubt that many companies that own fleets of trucks, light vehicles and special machinery are facing substantial losses.

The need to monitor and reduce the fuel consumption costs and maintain the efficiency of the business has therefore become one of the paramount requirements for survival.

With Fuel Management, you know exactly when your vehicles and machines need to be refueled

This is where, Racso, our company specialized in Fuel and Fleet Management, comes forward with its monitoring and management system. Racso offers the optimal fuel control solution for those wishing to save costs and increase the efficiency of their fleet.

How? By proposing high-precision sensors to its clients. Installed in their tanks, these sensors enable real-time fuel management whereby they can track, understand, and optimize fuel costs. These innovative sensors generate accurate data valuables such as fuel level and volume measurement which are used for daily fleet operations and decisions.

Benefits of Racso’s fuel monitoring system:


Fueling supervision

Racso’s fuel level monitoring helps fleets to determine the precise volume and exact places of fuel tank refilling. It rates drivers and vehicles according to their fuel consumption and set real fuel consumption rates for vehicles in view of minimizing operational costs.


Fuel theft prevention

With Racso’s monitoring system, you can immediately identify where and when a fuel theft occurred. You receive on-time alerts and can swiftly supervise on all the facets of refuel or drain with acute details which helps to prevent unwanted attempts of fuel drain in the future.

Report & analytics

Fleets received detailed fuel level and fuel consumption reports and have an overview of the total fuel consumed, fuel level at trip start and at the end, average fuel consumption, refueling or draining among others. All these information provide insight into where improvements can be made and to take quick actions where there are inefficiencies.

Online fuel level and consumption tracking

The system is designed to allow you to access and check the fuel level and consumption of your vehicles at any time. This gives unprecedented visibility on your vehicles and is any effective way to improve your fleet performance.


Fuel Sensors attributes :

  • Offers accurate fuel level and volume measurement
  • They can be fitted to almost any tank size
  • Suitable for all vehicles, including construction & agricultural machinery and storage tanks
  • Resist challenging environments and temperature swings

Fuel consumption has a direct influence on how profitable a business is. For the latter to work efficiently, investing in a reliable fleet management solution is the way forward if you want to increase business sustainability in an industry where fuel prices are so volatile. Start monitoring now and save fuel with Racso!